Join #CanadianFlowersWeek from July 18 - 24, 2019. There are a bunch of ways you can be a part of the campaign.

We encourage participation from everyone in the flower industry. Connect with us to find out how we can work together to promote Canadian flowers.

Photograph by  Cristian Ordonez  ( Dahlia May )

1. Host an event or workshop

Get involved by organizing your own Canadian Flowers Week event. Partner with other local florists/growers to get seasonal flowers in your customer's hands.  We want to support you. Let us know what you're up to, so we can post it in our event calendar and spread the word through our media campaign. Send your event details to using the form below.

IDEAS: pop up flower market, workshop: how to design by season, industry round table.

Tell us about your event.

2. Create a public installation

Bring the blooms out to the streets! Join a local team or put together your own crew and build a public flower installation that interrupts the day-to-day routine of people's lives and encourage Canadians to "stop and smell the roses". Botanical displays don't have to be large-scale to be impactful, think about how you can transform an unexpected/unassuming place - a picnic table, park entrance gate, tennis court fence, bus shelter, or a parking spot into a moment of flower wonder and engagement.  It's a fun way to collaborate and an even better way to get buzz going about you, the flowers and #CanadianFlowersWeek. 

Tell us about your installation.

3. Wrap your blooms

It's nearly impossible for a customer to know what product in a flower shop is local without having to ask for help. So we've made it easier to identify local product with our CFW botanical kraft paper and stickers to wrap all local blooms in for the week.  Growers can wrap flowers before they hit retail buckets or retailers can wrap bouquets as they are sold. To purchase kraft paper and stickers, send us an email at 

IDEAS: design a bouquet that is exclusively available during Canadian Flowers Week, partner with a local grower to sell only their product for the week and wrap each purchase in CFW kraft paper.

Purchase kraft paper & stickers.

4. Host a farm tour

Invite people to experience the cultivation of local flowers first hand. Open your farm gate and host an event or educational tour for the public. Tell us all about it in the form below and we will ensure to include it in our Canadian Flowers Week event calendar. 

Tell us about your farm event.

5. Wear the badge

Make sure to take advantage of the free graphics we've created and incorporate them into your Canadian Flowers Week festivities. Post the graphics on your website, attach them to your email signature, post them on social media, jazz up your storefront, refresh your sidewalk a-frame - get creative!  We've made it easy to show your local pride and spread the news. 

Download our free graphics & in bloom charts.

6. Get others involved

Get your friends in on Canadian Flowers Week too. Know a chef? Or a yoga instructor? Maybe a gallery owner? There are many ways people can experience flowers outside of florist shops or vases.  Brainstorm different ways florals could be worked into other lines of business. Is it an edible flowers tasting menu? Maybe a guided meditation around a mandala? Or a reading of a flower focused children's book at your local book store! Use the week as an opportunity to build cultural appreciation for having local flowers in our lives. 

Tell us about your collaboration. 

7. Share your flowers

Share share share! The only way we can bring awareness to Canadian flower seasonality is by educating people about our flowers - where they come from, how they are grown, what varieties are available, how to get them, etc. So don't be shy, share your process and let people know what you have planned for the week. Just remember to use  #CanadianFlowersWeek so that people can see all the activity happening across the country. 

Download our free graphics & in bloom charts.

8. Be a sponsor

We need your help to make Canadian Flowers Week an ongoing annual campaign. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or would like to donate in-kind product for an event/installation/etc., please send an email to or fill in the form below.

We’re always looking to get more growers, florists, volunteers and partners involved. 

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